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Cristen Anderson Ho

Position and company: Senior Software Engineer, Google
Country of work: Singapore
Degree Attained at UCLA: BS in Computer Science
Graduation Year: 2018
What inspired or motivated you to pursue work abroad? Was this always your plan?
I have always enjoyed traveling and learning through experiencing other cultures. Before UCLA, I had lived in the U.S., the U.K., and Switzerland, so I knew what it was like to move and adjust to a new environment. I was always open to the idea of working abroad after graduation, but the pull to go to Singapore was from my now-husband who I met at UCLA!
What sort of opportunities has working abroad presented you with?
I’ve gotten to experience product development in another market, and understand how people think about tech in Asia. There’s also been a lot of personal learning, both about the local culture, as well as understanding my own cultural background and its strengths and weaknesses. Finally, I’ve gotten to give back by contributing to student programs at local universities.
How do you think UCLA prepares students to fill positions that have a global reach and influence?
My UCLA experience of being a part of a large, diverse student body, and forming friendships with people different from me has been critical in enabling me to be successful in an international work environment.
Are you involved in any international UCLA alumni groups or support networks?
No, but I’m in touch with other UCLA alumni in Singapore, who were a great support in my transition to living here.