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UCLA Global Citizens Fellowship

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The UCLA Global Citizens Fellowship empowers exceptional undergraduate students to transform the global community through public service.

The UCLA Global Citizens Fellowship is a competitive summer grant that offers undergraduate students an opportunity to pursue self-directed public service projects in international communities. Through a rigorous application process, candidates for the fellowship propose original projects — from human rights campaigns in Kenya to school construction in the Himalayas.

Fellows are provided with the academic, financial and human resources necessary to travel to their proposed countries, where they work in conjunction with governments, development institutions, nongovernmental organizations and grassroots organizations to implement purposeful humanitarian projects.

At both the grassroots and policy levels, Fellows learn how to address the world's most pressing challenges, whether it is poverty, hunger, illiteracy or health care inequity. By connecting with the international community early in their careers, Fellows also develop a sustainable network to create lasting, long-term change. Following six to eight weeks of summer service, Fellows return to the United States to present the results of their work to the UCLA community and friends of the university. During their presentations, Fellows also share their interpretation of what it means to be a global citizen, thereby inspiring others to pursue humanitarian service. Finally, Fellows also sustain their commitment to their respective international communities and the future of the UCLA Global Citizens Fellowship.

To apply for a fellowship during summer 2018, click here. Application deadline is February 3, 2018.

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