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Photo for Exhibit Opening <br>1989: Fall of
Photo: Markus Screiber.

Exhibit Opening
1989: Fall of the Berlin Wall & Rise of the Velvet Revolution

Thursday, November 7, 2019 to Friday, December 20, 2019
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Powell Library Rotunda

The narrative of this exhibition focuses on the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, its meaning and legacy, as well as on the heroes of the “Velvet Revolution” of 1989 in the former Czechoslovakia. Both events represent the end of the Cold War and the communist regimes in Europe. Through historical photographs, documents and multimedia technology this exhibit will demonstrate the pressing need to advocate for a world without walls.

The exhibition is being held in conjunction with the International Education Week 2019, an initiative of the U.S. Department of State and Education. This is a campus-wide event organized by the UCLA International Institute.

Curator: Alena Aissing, Librarian/Curator for the Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies. For question, please contact

The exhibit runs from November 7, 2019 through December 20, 2019. Download the flyer below.

This event is organized by The Center for European and Russian Studies.

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Download file: 1989-Exhibit-Flyer-Library-Version-ia-sez.pdf

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