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Faculty in the News

Image for Mexican labor unions shocked out of lethargy
Aug 8, 2022. La Jornada interviewed UCLA Center for Mexican Studies Director Gaspar Rivera-Salgado about labor reform in Mexico and the work of the UCLA Labor Center there:
“Mexico City. Gaspar Rivera-Salgado looks from Los Angeles at the 'incredible context of change' in Mexico, particularly in the world of work, as a result of a labor reform that has shaken a sector that lived in lethargy for 70 years: ‘All the unions are as if they had suddenly been given electric shocks. Now they must have their batteries in place, because the entire legal, economic, but also political, framework is being redone.'" (In Spanish)
Image for Focusing on local responses to ecological change
Aug. 3, 2022. Stephen Acabdao, director of the UCLA Center for Southeast Asian Studies, attended a workshop at the PSU Caramoan campus in the Phillipines sponsored by the Program for Early Modern Southeast Asia (PEMSEA). The program, he said to, will “empower descendant communities that can provide compelling narratives for SEA cultural identities and highlight indigenous histories, which are typically absent from national historical narratives.”
Image for Filipino history, demystified
Jul 7, 2022. Speaking to CNN about an exhibit on the true history of the Ifugao rice terraces in the Philippines, Director of the UCLA Center for Southeast Asian Studies Stephen Acabado observed, “Exhibits like this provide a venue to highlight the experiences of marginalized Indigenous peoples. In the Philippine case, we hope that it spurs proactive policies that empower IP groups to learn more about their history and heritage. Studies have shown that youths who are more secure about their ethnic identity are more likely to succeed later in life. It's the least that we can do to redress centuries of oppression.”
Image for International education & global collaboration linked, says Cindy Fan
Jun 7, 2022. UCLA's vice provost for international studies and global engagement, Cindy Fan, sang the praises of the 2021 joint statement [of the U.S. Departments of State and of Education] on international education. The statement acknowledges that global challenges require "partnership and collaboration across borders" in order to be resolved, she said to PIE News.
“[This] is exactly what we want to achieve in international education, and that is connecting across borders,” she said.