Patrícia  Lino

Assistant Professor
Department: Spanish and Portuguese
Keywords: Brazil

Patrícia Lino is an Assistant Professor of Luso-Brazilian Literatures and Cultures at the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. She received her Ph.D. in Hispanic Languages and Literatures in 2018. Lino is the author of Antilógica (2018) and Manoel de Barros e A Poesia Cínica (2019). She recently directed Vibrant Hands (, an interdisciplinary poetic short film released in the US in March of 2019. Lino presented, published, and exhibited essays, poems, and illustrations in Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, and Colombia. Lino also conducted various workshops on illustration, painting, video, and creative writing from 2015 up to the present. Her current research focuses on contemporary poetry, visual and audiovisual culture, parody and anticolonialism, and Brazilian film.