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Alberto Plazzi

Position and company: Professor of Finance, Universit√† della Svizzera italiana
Country of work: Switzerland
Degree Attained at UCLA: PhD in Finance
Graduation Year: 2010
How did the coursework and research you did while a student at UCLA prepare you for an international career?
The PhD in Finance at UCLA Anderson equipped me with a top-notch preparation to approach the academic job market and compete internationally. The quality of classes, interaction with the faculty and peers, and the guidance of my supervisors were all key to pursue high-level research. In a nutshell, I learnt how to convert an idea into a well-crafted academic paper to take through the publication process.
Can you speak a little bit about your career and how it has progressed since graduating from UCLA?
After graduation, I joined Universita' della Svizzera italiana, USI, located in Lugano (Switzerland), as Assistant Professor of Finance in September 2010. I was promoted Associate Professor in 2016, and finally Full Professor in 2020. I am the scientific director of the Master in Finance, and serve as Vice Dean for the Faculty of Economics until August 2023.  
How have you navigated cultural differences between your home country, UCLA, and where you work now?
Given that my home country is Italy, moving to Lugano (the Italian speaking part of Switzerland) has been rather smooth, as cultural differences are relatively small. In turn, the experience at UCLA has been a major breakthrough in my life as it exposed me to a variety of cultures that enriched me a lot. I have great memories of UCLA, and the possibility to interact with so many brilliant yet diverse people has been invaluable.