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Alexander Woodman

Position and company: Scientific Research Head, King Fahad Medical Complex
Country of work: Saudi Arabia
Degree Attained at UCLA: BA in Public Health with Honors
Graduation Year: 2011
What inspired or motivated you to pursue work abroad? Was this always your plan?
I think it may have been an inner instinct that came true at the right time. After graduating from UCLA with cum laude and college honors, I committed myself to exploring new frontiers in science with the vision of reaching out to people and places where I could share my knowledge and skills. My search led me to the Middle East as an opportunity to explore diverse cultures, but, most importantly, to carry out my scientific research. My focus was on communicable, non-communicable diseases and quality of life that contributes to well-being and longevity.
How do you think UCLA prepares students to fill positions that have a global reach and influence?
UCLA has one of the highest standards where students receive intellectual empowerment, inspiration, and knowledge. In my case, after completing my undergraduate degree, I received a graduate scholarship from the University of Southern California, USC and continued my graduate studies. I strongly believe that knowledge gained at UCLA and USC equipped me well to embark on a doctoral journey in Public Health at the University of Salford Manchester, England, later pursued postdoctoral training in clinical research at Harvard Medical School, and work at leading healthcare and educational institutions in the Gulf.
Can you speak a little bit about your career and how it has progressed since graduating from UCLA?
UCLA has been a gateway for my career development and research progress at renowned institutions and programs around the world, including Yale University and Fulbright Scholar Program. In terms of professional development, I have worked at government institution and hospitals in Saudi Arabia, collaborated with leading clinical investigators from Harvard Medical    
School, and Yale University. My research has been enriched not only rigid science but also have always tried to bring harmony between science, art, and culture. 
Are you involved in any international UCLA alumni groups or support networks?
I believe that graduating from UCLA is not limited to groups and networks but is ongoing and reflected in every stage of alumni's life. This includes sharing experience or skills with others, constant research for the prosperity of the global community, learning and nurturing with the Bruin Promise.