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Archived Projects/Programs

UCLA Study Abroad

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  • International and Comparative Law Program Internships & Externships
    • The program provides support to students who wish to spend a semester or summer in an externship or internship focused on international or comparative law with non-governmental organizations, international organizations, and governments.


  • International Practice Pathway (IPP) Summer Fellowships
    • The International Practice Pathway (IPP) of Global Public Affairs at Luskin provides financial support for first year students seeking summer placements in low and middle-income countries. Summer internships are serious professional undertakings involving recognized international organizations. Professionalism, responsibility, and respect are required of all students participating in the program.


  • Foreign Legal Study & Exchange Program
    • UCLA Law offers opportunities for its students and those in other countries to gain insights into the legal systems and policies of different nations. UCLA Law has partnered with 16 leading academic institutions in Europe, Asia, Israel, Australia and South America to establish the Foreign Legal Study and Exchange Program.


  • Virtual Internships
    • The UCLA Global Internship provides you an opportunity to intern at a company or organization abroad from the comfortable confines of your own home! With project-based work, you will have the ability to make an impact at your internship site, while gaining remote work experience and preparing yourself for


Defining Terms


  • The projects and programs on this map constitute our “global data.” We define global data to be information related to “global topics” such as events, activities, and geographical areas outside of the United States. Any project or program conducted in an area outside of the United States is included on the map, as it speaks to UCLA’s direct engagement with the global community. Even if a project or program is conducted domestically, it is included as long as it engages with one or more global topics.

  • To collect data for the Projects/Programs map, we survey faculty on their research pursuits. We also explore UCLA websites such as faculty profiles, research centers, and department pages to learn about past and ongoing projects. We periodically review our data, archiving and removing projects and programs that have concluded or expired.

Study Abroad

  • Click here for the International Education Office’s explanation of UCLA’s various Study Abroad Programs.

  • To collect data on Study Abroad Programs, we explore both UC Education Abroad Programs (UCEAP) and UCLA websites to find information on opportunities offered at or through UCLA.


  • International Collaboration comprises memoranda of understanding (MOUs), collaboration agreements (CAs), affiliation agreements (AAs), and student exchange agreements. Click here for UCLA Global’s explanation of these terms.

  • We source this data from the UCLA Global database of international academic agreements.


  • Here, “Students” refers to International Students as well as Study Abroad students.


  • Visitors are guests whose visits are coordinated by the International Visitors Bureau (IVB). Click here for more information.

  • We source this data directly from the IVB.