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Photo for Netanyahu vs The Generals: The...
Netanyahu vs The Generals: The Battle for Israel's Future
Tuesday, February 27, 2024
10:00 AM - 11:15 AM (Pacific Time)
Photo for Israel and the Middle East...
Israel and the Middle East after the October 7th Massacre: Threats, Challenges, and Hopes
Former Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni discusses the future for Israel and the region
Tuesday, February 27, 2024
5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
Photo for <i>The Red Balcony</i>: A Novel...
The Red Balcony: A Novel of Justice, Love, and Identity in Mandatory Palestine
A Conversation with the Author, Jonathan Wilson, on his latest novel
Thursday, March 7, 2024
4:00 PM - 5:15 PM (Pacific Time)


Photo for New Podcast Episode
New Podcast Episode

Featuring Center Director Professor Dov Waxman and renowned scholar of international law Professor Yuval Shany

Photo for New Podcast Episode
New Podcast Episode

Featuring Center Director Professor Dov Waxman and Dr. Daniel Sobelman from the University of Jerusalem, Israel.

Photo for Scholar Articles & Interviews
Scholar Articles & Interviews

This list of articles and media interviews featuring Nazarian Center scholars has been compiled as a resource for understanding the Israel–Hamas War.


Photo for Is Anti-Zionism Antisemitic? A Two-Part...

Is Anti-Zionism Antisemitic? A Two-Part Conversation

There has long been debate and disagreement over whether anti-Zionism is antisemitic. In recent months, this debate has become particularly intense and often acrimonious. In an effort to tackle this contentious and timely question in......


Prof. Dov Waxman interviewed for Vox article

Feb 20, 2024: Professor Dov Waxman is interviewed for Vox's article "How Israel's war went wrong"

Time Magazine publishes Dr. Tamar Hofnung's opinion piece

Jan 30, 2024: Time Magazine publishes an opinion piece written by the Center's Israel Institute Teaching Fellow, Dr. Tamar Hofnung, titled "Hamas Isn't the First to Use Anticolonialism to Mask Authoritarianism"

Prof. Dov Waxman interviewed for The Conversation article

Jan 29, 2024: Professor Dov Waxman is interviewed for The Conversation's article "Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces a dilemma: Free the hostages or continue the war in Gaza?"

Prof. Dov Waxman interviewed for Slate's podcast

Jan 29, 2024: Professor Dov Waxman is interviewed for the episode of Slate's What's Next? podcast "Are Two States Still the Solution?"

Prof. Dov Waxman interviewed for Religion News Service article

Jan 23, 2024: Professor Dov Waxman is interviewed for Religion News Service's article "Support for Israel's war in Gaza is unraveling among some Jewish groups"


Welcome to the Y&S Nazarian Center for Israel Studies at UCLA. Israel is a small country that looms large in public and academic discourse. The passions it evokes often present obstacles to nuanced analysis and civil discussion. Understanding the complexities of modern Israel requires knowledge from many academic disciplines and an awareness of multiple viewpoints and narratives. Through a commitment to academic rigor, interdisciplinary teaching and scholarship, and... (read more) 


Scholarships to Study in Israel
Apply for the UCLA Nazarian Center's and the Israel Institute's scholarships to study abroad in Israel! Students can apply for and receive scholarships from both organizations.

UCLA Nazarian Center Scholarships.

Israel Institute Scholarships

Center-Sponsored Courses at UCLA
The UCLA Y&S Nazarian Center's sponsored courses for Spring 2024 have been announced on the UCLA Registrar's Schedule of Classes. Learn More & Enroll

The Center Mourns the Passing of Renowned Israeli Political Scientist Shlomo Avineri
Learn about Shlomo Avineri's life and legacy.

Watch his keynote lecture for the Center's series exploring the state of democracy in Israel.

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