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Ben Gurion University of the Negev (Photo: Angie Platt)

Study Abroad in Israel


Looking to study in Israel?

Opportunities are available at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (as part of the UC Education Abroad Program) and a new summer study program at Ben Gurion University. The Nazarian Center has scholarships for students to study in Israel on either of these programs, or other academic programs. Deadlines are coming up soon to apply for these programs and for scholarships! Click here for more information.


Israel has many outstanding universities with academic programs for international students. Courses are conducted in English, with the opportunity to attend courses taught in Hebrew if you are proficient in Hebrew. You are also able to study Hebrew or Arabic language as part of the study abroad curriculum. Two universities are currently part of the UC Education Abroad program. Below are brief descriptions with links to the EAP website.

Israel Institute of Technology, Technion/Neubauer

The Neubauer American Study Abroad Semester includes an internship plus academic course work and extracurricular activities in one of three tracks: Engineering and Science; Entrepreneurship and Innovation; and Pre-Med/Pre-Health. UCEAP students can take courses from more than one track and can choose from additional courses in history, archaeology, and basic Hebrew for a truly customized learning experience. The campus, located on Mount Carmel, is nearly as large as a small city, with stunning views. 

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The EAP program in Israel offers you a window into the cultural, social, and scientific life of a country whose importance far transcends its size. This is an exceptional opportunity to experience firsthand the challenges of the current Middle East peace process while living and learning in the historic setting in which Judaism, Christianity, and Islam emerged. Well known for its holy sites and tourist attractions, Jerusalem is a melding of ancient roots and modern innovations. The city is a thriving metropolis rich in art galleries, museums, and theaters as well as cafes, pubs, and dance clubs. Exciting festivals, exhibitions, international conferences, sports competitions, and many other special events are held throughout the year.


Scholarships for Study Abroad in Israel

Several scholarships sponsored by the Nazarian Center are available to support study in Israel, including through non-UC EAP programs:

Student Experiences

Read what students learned in and outside of the classroom while studying abroad in Israel:

  • Marisol Fernandez ('16) studied at the University of Haifa and used the opportunity to explore the country's deeply diverse society and culture
  • Elizabeth Ho's ('17) intensive Hebrew program at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev helped her develop her language skills in ways she couldn't in the US and gave her the chance to get to know her Israeli peers (Video Interview)
  • Valerie Braaten ('16) studied dance, Hebrew and philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem - an experience that forever changed the way she thought about the country